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Our Mission

Our Mission

Gabb’s mission is to simplify technology to create a better world for kids. When kids use simple technology—like the Gabb Phone™—they have more time to live life to the fullest, beyond the screen, and do cool stuff.

In other words:

Living Beyond the Screen + Doing Cool Stuff = Gabb Life™


Live Beyond the Screen and Do Cool Stuff

Living beyond the screen does not mean being anti-technology; it’s learning to use technology appropriately to accomplish amazing things. For example, Tyler Gordon has been hired by celebrities because of the time he has spent learning to paint. Sierra Kerr has learned to surf, soft top fish, skateboard, and golf. There is so much cool stuff we can do when technology doesn’t consume our lives.


What We Do

We empower kids to live beyond the screen and do cool stuff in 3 ways:

1. Gabb™ Ambassadors

Our community is led by Gabb Ambassadors—kids who represent Gabb’s mission and inspire others to achieve greatness. Whether that be by teaching kids how to do cool tricks (like Jackson Dorian showing how to air reverse on a surfboard) or by sharing inspiring stories (like Sam Gordon’s story about playing tackle football), Gabb Ambassadors show the world the amazing things we are all capable of accomplishing when we choose to live beyond the screen.

2. Contests

Each year, we host our very own contest series. Stephen Dalby, the founder and CEO of Gabb said, “We made the decision that we wanted to do this, not only to give kids an opportunity to showcase their talents, but also as a way to inspire them to continue to live beyond the screen.”

3. VIP Experiences

Kids who have a Gabb Phone get access to cool VIP experiences that provide more opportunities to live beyond the screen, like an additional 30 minutes of free jumping at Defy Extreme Air Sports or Sky Zone Trampoline Park and half off night tickets at Brighton Ski Resort on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

So, if you’re a kid who wants to live beyond the screen and do cool stuff, then join our community and get involved by interacting with our Gabb Ambassadors, participating in our contests, or enjoying cool VIP experiences with your Gabb Phone.

—The Gabb Life Team

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