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Ella G.

First Place Winner: Ella G.
Woodland Hills, CA

Congrats to our October
T-Shirt Contest Winner!

See Ella’s inspired artwork transformed into a ready-to-sell tee from Gabb.

“My design shows Gabb Life written in a graffiti-like style that I created. To represent activities you can do to live a life outside the screen, I included biking, dancing, and skating. On the spray paint bottle, I have a C.K. in memory of Collin Kartchner [founder of #savethekids] who has changed all our lives. I can’t wait to get my first Gabb phone!”

  • More about Ella

    Ella has been creating art for as long as she can remember. As a toddler, she would create collages with any material she could find around the house. As she grew, her artistic interests expanded to acting and musical theater. In kindergarten, she brought home a flyer from school for an Annie production and told her parents, “I need to be in this!” And sure enough, it was her calling. This led her to many auditions all over Los Angeles. She has performed in 10 professional-style theatrical shows and even a national commercial! She is self-taught in visual arts, with some influence from her graphic designer mom. Last year, they even published a book together! With all the painting Ella did this year during quarantine, she decided to auction off some pieces and donate her earnings to the Humane Society to help animals in captivity. This time at home has given Ella more time for her other love: dancing. She also loves playing with her 3 and 7-year-old siblings. Ella is currently 11 years old and still does not have a phone. Though it is the trend among her 6th grade peers, she has taken Collin Kartchner’s [founder of #savethekids] advice to heart. She couldn’t design a t-shirt for Gabb Life without honoring him in some way. She is also inspired by different cultures from around the world (including her own Salvadoran heritage) and the beaches of Southern California. She sends 8-second hugs to everyone!

Runner Up
Contest Winners


2nd Place: Emma R.
Lehi, UT

“I love Gabb’s message about living life off the screen! I love winter and all the fun things there are to do outside. I also wanted to design something I would want to wear myself.”


3rd Place: Savannah Y.
Delta, UT

“I chose to paint this shirt design because I love the ocean. I think we should enjoy nature and what it has to offer, and not be stuck on a screen all day. I love that my Gabb phone keeps me connected to friends and keeps me safe.”


Crowd Favorite: Jaxon M.
Las, Vegas NV

“I wanted my shirt to represent that the world is full of adventure if you live beyond the screen!”

  • About the Contest

    Participants were asked to submit artwork with the words “Gabb Life” in their design. A total of 249 designs were submitted between October 19th-29th, 2020. We worked with a graphic designer to put all 249 designs onto sample t-shirts. Check out all of the t-shirts here:

    Winners Batch 1 Winners Batch 1 Winners Batch 1

    We then e-mailed the sample t-shirts back to the contestants, and 203 contestants returned to upload their t-shirt design to Gigg (our voting platform).


    Voting: The first round of voting was on October 31st. We narrowed the 203 entries on down to the top 50 t-shirts.

    On November 1st, the top 50 t-shirts were posted on our website, where the public voted for their favorite designs.

    On November 9th, the 5 t-shirts with the most votes advanced to the final round. Our ambassadors, Tyler Gordon, Lexi Walker, and Kelana Humphrey picked the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

    1st Place:

    We took Ella G.’s winning t-shirt design and hired a professional illustrator to turn her artwork into a ready-to-sell t-shirt. Her t-shirt is now being sold on the Gabb Life website. Ella also received $500, a private art lesson with art prodigy Tyler Gordon, a Z2 from Gabb Wireless, and $100 of Gabb Life merchandise.

    2nd Place:

    Emma R. received $250, a Z2 from Gabb Wireless, and $100 of Gabb Life merchandise.

    3rd Place:

    Savannah Y. received $100, a Z2 from Gabb Wireless, and $100 of Gabb Life merchandise.

    Fun Fact:

    We received submissions from kids in 34 different states throughout the United States. The 5 states with the most participants were:
    1. Utah
    2. Washington
    3. California
    4. Texas
    5. Arizona

    Fun Fact:

    We had 4,175 voters participate in the public vote who voted a total of 8,052 times. We received votes from 46 out of 50 states. The 5 states with the most voters were:
    1. Utah
    2. California
    3. Arkansas
    4. Nevada
    5. Colorado

This contest is the first of six contests in the Gabb Life Contest Series—a series of contests designed to help kids get discovered for a chance to win $10,000 and become the next Gabb Life Ambassador.

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