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*You must be 17 or younger to enter.

Step 1: Record yourself performing a song.
See submission requirementsSee example entry
Step 2: Upload your video.-Submissions are open from Feb. 1-19
Step 3: Vote for your favorite songs.– Voting is open from Feb. 21-Mar. 5

Upload your video!

Submissions open Feb. 1-19

Submission Requirements

  1. It can be an original song or a cover.*
  2. You can include instruments or sing acapella, but no karaoke (save that for birthday parties 😜) and no instrumentals.
  3. It can be performed by a single person, a band, or a group (if a band or group wins, you will decide how to split the prize).

*If you are performing a cover of a song, make it your own. We could listen to the original artist if we wanted, but we want to hear your take on it!


Round 1: On Feb. 21, the top 50 entries will be posted to for voting. The public will advance 5 entries and the Gabb Life™ Contests Team will advance 5 entries to the next round.

Round 2: From Mar. 1-5, the public will select the people’s choice winner and Gabb™ Ambassador Lexi Mae Walker will select the judge’s choice winner from the top 10.

Winners will be announced on Mar. 7

What You Win

2 winners (people’s choice and judge’s choice) will receive:
  1. $500 Cash
  2. New Home Studio
  3. Z2 from Gabb Wireless™

Example Entry

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Enjoy the contest, and good luck!


This contest is only for kids that are 15 and younger...